artist court & -camp: 16244 Lichterfelde, Blütenberger Weg 3

Space, freedom, inspiration - in harmony with nature! Our new artists' courtyard on Blütenberger Weg 3 in 16244 Schorfheide, district of Lichterfelde for artistic projects of all kinds. Bands, film teams, visual artists, orchestras, drum or yoga groups can withdraw here and work undisturbed at any time of the day or night. A large festival site just 3km from the A11 is available for music and spiritual festivals. Water, gas and high voltage connections allow the project house with a large garage and the studio and exhibition house to be used all year round. In the future, this place should become a cultural attraction in the region, with which we want to promote artistic projects. Since the use can be very different and will often be in connection with our seminar and artist house rental, the rental prices for band and film projects, exhibitions and studio use to music festivals are very different and freely negotiable.

artist camp

Ideal for artist promotions and youth cultural centers

Loft, project house and premises with camping meadow for rent

  • Workshops with visual (sculpture, painting, photography) and performing artists (theatre, dance)
  • Plein airs & festivals
  • Master classes

project house

Ideal for bands, orchestras, choirs, artistic and spiritual groups

Large former garage with communal kitchen, lounges, studio, office and shower-toilet

  • Band, choir, orchestra rehearsals
  • Painting and photography workshops
  • Dance, theater, yoga projects

exhibition house

Rental to artists with regional cultural funding

Use as a loft, studio and gallery

  • Exhibitions
  • Studio use
  • Photo workshops
  • artistic projects

Loft and outdoor space

Ideal for those who enjoy freedom, art, nature and celebration

Rental for events

  • Birthdays, youth initiations
  • Bachelor parties, weddings
  • Corporate events, parties
  • Vernissages, finissages, concerts

Rental for festivals

Music-Spirit-Nature & Freedom!

  • Yoga, Spiritual Festivals
  • Drum, orchestra festivals
  • Rock, pop, heavy metal festivals

Rental for film productions

ideal as a starting point for series and nature films

  • Electricity, natural gas, water, internet
  • Pitches for trucks, caravans, camping
  • Production offices
  • Production and recording rooms
  • large outdoor area with courtyard, garden and landscape motifs

Booking Request

Projekthaus for persons
Ausstellungshaus for persons
Außenbereich for persons